Most Popular Rugby Bets

Rugby is one of the most popular sports played around the world. With extreme levels of physical contact, rugby proves to be one of the rougher sports around. The sheer excitement of the game added to a wide range of levels and competitions in different seasons internationally, rugby is one of to go to sports for any avid bettor.

Types Of Bets

Below we will list off some of the more frequently used bets in rugby with a brief description of each bet.

  • Match result – A simple bet in which you wager on the winning team of a specific match. While not always very lucrative, these bets are a great place to start for any new bettor.
  • Handicap – Like match result, except with an added level of fairness, the winning team will need to win by a certain margin of points to secure a betting win. These handicaps will range widely depending on the teams playing. For example, if the South African Springboks were to take on the USA Eagles, everybody would expect the Springboks to take home an easy victory, so in this case the Springboks would have a handicap to the likes of Springboks -10 meaning the Springboks would need to win the match by at least 11 points to secure your winning bet.
  • First try – This bet is a wager on which player will score the first try of a game, note that this is only for a try, penalty points scored before will be ignored for this bet
  • Tournament winner – As the name suggests, in this bet you will make a wager on which team you believe will win the tournament or series. A great bet to make but it is a more long-term bet with odds that will change throughout the tournament.
  • First score type – this does not relate to who or even which team scores the first point, rather how the first point is scored. Your choices will be penalty, penalty try, drop goal or try. Whichever you believe will give the first points on the board is the winning selection. It is worth noting that odds will change dramatically depending on the teams playing. For example, South Africa is considered to be a brute force team who will likely push for a try before getting a drop goal, while England, on the other hand, is notorious for going for drop goals. This usually changes frequently and is worth keeping note of.
  • Top point scored – This is for the people who know their players and the game. In this bet you will place a wager on which player will score the most points in a tournament or series. While this usually goes to respective team kickers, it will be an interesting bet to see which kicker comes out on top.

That should be all you will need to know to start betting on Keep in mind that like all sports, information is crucial to place winning bets, get to know the teams and try stick to the teams you know when betting.